Check Them Out! Dead Key Publishing

At Dead Key Publishing, we bridge the gap between traditional publishing and vanity press. We offer a publishing alternative to authors whose works have hit roadblocks, who can’t find success in the traditional way (which closes the door to almost all unagented authors), but who deserve more than a vanity press (you want to make money rather than spend it, right?).

Dead Key Publishing captures the voice of unheard authors.

What Is a Dead Key?

A dead key is the key on a typewriter used so the carriage doesn’t advance, creating a unique character that is not visible on a traditional keyboard. When struck alone, it produces nothing. But working in conjunction with another key, it produces a distinctive character.

Unpublished works are like dead keys. It is not until we bring the work to publishing in order to be shared that something special is created.

At Dead Key Publishing, our passion is to be the next key.

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