The Althorn Encounters

Death Comes to us all. What about the carrier of souls? His job is definitely not your normal nine to five. These are his stories. Read about some of the most bizarre day to day encounters as seen through the eyes of Althorn the crow.


Altorn logo

I am Althorn the Crow

Supreme Being

Knower of all things to know

I am the shiver in the cold winter night

The distant echo that gives such a fright

I am the sick sense of Irony

I am here for you

I am here to see what I know will be

When you sneak off tonight

The large blade you grip so tight

Your innocent prey will lay still in bed

Your heart will beat, your mind will race

Daydreams of bloodshed

As you enter the room, a smile widens on your face

You cling to the knife

But as you cross the room, a flash of light

A sonic boom

You grip your chest, you feel the pain

You hit the floor, you know the rest

Once again, I laugh, Satisfaction

Irony from a gun blast.

As I peck upon his face,

It truly is a human race!

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